Tiraspol Urban Site Урбан-площадка Тирасполя
Островки “кирпичного стиля” в лабиринтах советского микрорайона

Our city - Architecture

Society of urban studies and urban history “TATUS” - a group of enthusiasts and concerned citizens who set themselves a goal to understand the regional identity of the native land, to preserve and increase it, as well as to promote cultural and creative life. A special focus of our activities is the urban projects and support for city initiatives. Acting under its own Charter and applicable law and in the framework of the project “urban-Area of Tiraspol”, we citizens want to form a new vision of our shared urban space, to learn how to properly design it and your life in it, to develop approaches to the improvement of the city, the implementation of which would make the urban environment more convenient, functional, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing to humans.

Our goals

The study of the urban environment, its past and present, using the methods of interdisciplinary research, with emphasis on the architecture, urban planning, sociology, history, economics. Documenting the research and popularization of all available means, vedenenie the annals of the city and the region's recent history, the creation of urban media database of images The interaction with the citizens, explaining to them the policy and strategy of the movement, the search for joint solutions to major urban challenges, citizen participation in movement activities, promoting initiatives mestnymh Development of specific proposals to improve the beautification of the city and offer them to the authorities, the formation of new approaches to improve the quality of life of the urban environment in the minds of citizens

Our work

Our team