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Apartment house and sausage factory S. K. Epifanova

Old believer merchant family Epifanova was known almost from the founding of the city. In novopriobreteniem lands of the Russian Empire a large flooded immigrants, discriminated at home and receiving special rights and freedoms in the new territory. Those were banned in the country the old believers (schismatics), who've been guaranteed the freedom of religion. In the Odessa regional archive is stored Vedomosti the status of a candle factory in Turpala in 1822, among the owner – merchant's wife Tatiana Epifanova*. In addition, she had selotaping plant.

However, back to the beginning of the twentieth century. The exact date of construction is not home, but according to descendants, for a long time lived in the house, in the basement of the building was a sausage factory, a live proof of what are the wooden posts and beams with hooks for animal carcasses. On the ground floor was a shop and restaurant, and the second residential apartments, rent. The store sold as Russian and foreign wines. Epifanov owned the same houses on the Cathedral (now Lunacharsky) and Bazaar (Sverdlov) streets. On the market he owned also a steam mill.

The facade of the house is uncluttered and simple, the house itself goes deep into the quarter, on 25 October St out of all 4 Windows. Decorated second floor. The crowning cornice is decorated with modulename krestanova profile, the window openings on the second floor are enclosed in stone architraves under drip cornice located plate with recesses, the corners of which are rounded inside. Vertically, the façade is framed by 


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