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Hotel «Passage» in the house of Guberer brothers

General view of the facade. Photoby A. Polyakov.

Hotel «Passage» was opened in front of the city booth sand illusion built in 1913 (which aredemolished now). In addition to local newspapers writings, it is also confirmed by the memories of the old-timerYashkovaVasilyNikolaevich(chief of urban planning). The hotel opened on November 1st, 1914.  "Passage" hotel was clean and there were always available numbers. They tried to serve customers with politeness."Passage" was comfortably furnished; there were laundries, hairdresser, telephone, and most importantly, bathrooms, which could be used at any time of the day. Rooms used to cost from 70 cents to 5 rubles per day.

Ad from the «Tiraspol`s leaf» newspaper, №19.

The Guberer brothers were merchants from Odessa and even before the construction of the hotel had other lucrative home ownership in the city. The hotel building was done in Modern or Art Nouveau fashion of that time. Unlike the buildings of this late modernity style of the 19th century, characterized by a complex plastics decor, built on natural motifs. Late modernism characterized by elasticity, simplicity andgeometrization. So,Guberer house is quite consistent with the fashion of that time, which was brought by the owners, from the major economic and rapidly developing center of the Empire - Odessa.

The building has an asymmetrical entrance characteristic for Art Nouveau(modern). It is broken up vertically into three parts by semi-columns. The style is revealed more fully in the crowning attic and the decor of the second floor. Attic consists of two non-standard configuration gables, and on their tympanums geometric ornaments stand out. Between the gables there is a bulwark(parapet) made out of stone balustrade. On the parapets columns ornaments resembling stylized flowers can be observed. Lower the arc cornices are drawn, forming false gables. Their tympanumsare divided by vertical blades into 3 parts, the space inside being filled with textured plaster panels. The frieze of the central part is divided and decorated in the same way. Brackets are attached to the top of the blades.

Венчающая часть. Фото Р. Симаченко.

Window embrasures (openings)of the central part are framed by the architraves with pediments. Under the apertures,panels with plaster texture are arranged(found).Window embrasures of the side portions of the facade are not decorated. On the second floor, in the side parts, balconies can be found. Their fence has been dismantled with the last «repair», even though she, too, had its picturesque features and completed the single stylistic look of the building.Semi columns end with bars and have an interesting bending in profile, decorated with grooves, like the friezes brackets. It is a special characteristic feature of the building.

Storefronts could be found at the ground floor.

In Soviet times the building was a music school and a grocery store.


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