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The Building of Military Medical Agency – the building  fortress, built during the existence of the fortress of  Tiraspol as a fighting unit. It was built on the 1st block of barracks on the site of two barracks of the regimental cabmen, fitting into the existing development in the plan. The barracks of cabmen we saw on the plan of fortress added until 1808, since 1820 years are gone, but we have one-storied building office. Later the entire first quarter of the barracks will be given to military hospital.

The building is designed in the spirit of military architecture, without any artistic decoration, which is typical for the epoch 1810-1820th years. In a similar spirit are performed not only military but also civilian urban architecture of County-level cities, for example, hospitals.

It was built of red brick, in plan is an elongated rectangle with an extension, has a gable roof and multiple chimneys. Currently it is a residential apartment building.

The view of  building. Our days.

A fragment of the plan of the fortress in 1826 with the designation of the office


The overlay of the mapping  in  1933 on the satellite imagery. Knowledge of the office was indicated the  green color.


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